Can You Sue the Bank for Illegal Foreclosure?

With the right foreclosure defense attorney, you CAN!

Struggling homeowners across the nation are joining an emerging trend by suing banks for breaking their contracts with homeowners. In the latest trend of banks-gone-rogue, many banks that temporarily stalled their foreclosure proceedings while the

Pay your Second Mortgage while you Fight Foreclosure?

A foreclosure defense attorney can help negotiate both mortgages and keep you safe

In January 2013, federal regulators announced an agreement with 10 mortgage servicers to settle claims of foreclosure abuses. These included bungled loan modifications and the illegal evictions of homeowners who were

TARP and the Foreclosure Crisis

How TARP fits into the foreclosure crisis and how you can stop foreclosure

In February 2009, the U.S. government announced a number of steps to stop the housing market crisis and help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure. These laws were called the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or

Can I Simply Walk Away from my Upside Down Mortgage?

Walking away from foreclosure hands the banks power over your future – get a foreclosure defense attorney instead

Some distressed homeowners term walking away from their upside down mortgages a ‘strategic default’. No matter what you call it, it has serious

Will Homeowners Owe Money after a Short Sale?

Avoiding a deficiency judgment is critical to effectively fight foreclosure

If you are facing foreclosure or have lost your home already due to foreclosure, you may now be faced with a further financial surprise: a deficiency judgment. A deficiency judgment occurs when there

Limit the Negative Effect Foreclosure Has on your Credit

Avoid foreclosure or limit the negative effects with a Foreclosure Defense Strategy

A bank foreclosure occurs if the lender claims ownership of a homeowner’s property when they fall behind on their payments. Due to the recent housing crisis, banks and mortgage lenders

Wells Fargo – Just One of the Banks Accused of Foreclosure Fraud

The largest settlement since the Tobacco Settlement in 1998

Wells Fargo, one of the banks recently accused of significant foreclosure fraud, was included in the billion dollar settlement that accused the largest mortgage companies of robo-signing foreclosure documents without

Billion Dollar Bank Settlement Simply Continues the Foreclosure Fraud

If you’re facing foreclosure, you could be the next victim

Despite strong evidence of widespread foreclosure fraud, the banks were able to take the easy way out by paying a billion dollar settlement that will do little to help homeowners who were

Is your Bank Returning Payments on your Mortgage?

Don’t think it’s a gift – it’s likely to become a foreclosure nightmare

All across the country, banks have started foreclosure proceedings on homeowners and begun returning their good-faith mortgage payments without a word of explanation. You may think this is great –

The Hardest Hit Fund is Available to Homeowners of 18 States

If you’re a homeowner in one of these 18 states, you may be able to save your home

The housing crisis beginning in 2008 led to an unprecedented decline in home values and the high levels of unemployment across the

Stop Foreclosure on your Investment Property

Act quickly and get a good lawyer with a foreclosure defense strategy

In uncertain times, people turn to the hard investments, i.e. gold and property to stabilize the value of their investments. When unforeseen economic troubles hit, however, your investment property can be at risk

Housing Market Issues Compounded with Inflating Appraisals

Recent reports indicate banks and lenders pressured appraisal firms into over-inflating appraisals

While the robo-signing story has taken over media headlines, the current housing market has also been negatively affected by inflating appraisals. Only too often, home appraisers are pressured to ‘hit a mark’

Many Homeowners Losing the Fight as Illegal Signing Continues

Illegal foreclosure practices perpetrated by the banks can only be stopped with a strong foreclosure defense case

Unfortunately, despite efforts by lawmakers and the judicial system, illegal signing continues as the banks and mortgage lenders sidestep homeowner requests to modify their mortgages

Stopping Foreclosure After a Loan Modification

The banks are likely to claim the modification wasn’t valid

One of the most common complaints from homeowners who undergo a mortgage modification looks like this: they abide by the terms of their pre-modification trial period, then get accepted for a permanent loan modification and

Is HOPE for Homeowners Right for You?

Only a foreclosure defense attorney can help you get the best results

When the subprime mortgage crisis in America reached its peak in the autumn of 2008, the federal government took steps to help stabilize the housing market. HOPE (Home Owners Preserving Equity) was

Is Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure a Good Alternative?

It's essentially an exchange, and it's one alternative to foreclosure

If you're behind on your mortgage payments and facing imminent foreclosure, you need to look for viable options. One legal alternative is called a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. A deed-in-lieu of foreclosure works essentially like

Using Bankruptcy to Fight Foreclosure and Save Your Home

Understand your options when it comes to foreclosure defense

One of the very first things that a bankruptcy filing can accomplish is the immediate halt of the foreclosure process. Lenders cannot foreclose or even attempt to collect debt until permitted to do

Buying a short sale home in new york

New York foreclosure lawyers warn of the risks when buying a short-sale in New York

Many buyers have waited a long time, putting aside their cash for a down payment on a home, and they're now being heavily tempted to buy short-sale homes.

The risks of buying a foreclosure home

Florida foreclosure defense attorneys warn of the risks to buying a foreclosed home

Many homebuyers believe that foreclosed properties are being sold at very deep discounts – a discount that represents the former owner's investment in the home and the banks' willingness to sell,

Foreclosure still rising say foreclosure defense team

As banks catch up on the backlog of distressed mortgages, foreclosures rise

It's an old story, with a new twist. The banks who took taxpayer money now have the cash they need to hire more people to catch up with struggling homeowners; and foreclosures

The dirty truth about foreclosure - and what it does to your credit score

Stop foreclosure now and protect your personal credit score

Any foreclosure defense team will tell you that the dirtiest truth about foreclosure, which is devastating enough, is what it does to your credit score. Distressed homeowners should

Foreclosure lawyers warn : beware trial mortgage modifications

Be very careful of failing to make your payments in a trial mortgage modification

With all the attention on the foreclosure crisis, many homeowners failed to recognize that there are alternative paths to mortgage modifications – many of which are mired in bank

How to stop a foreclosue with HARP?

Can the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) stop foreclosure on your home?

The Home Affordable Refinance Program, or HARP, was specifically designed to help homeowners who need help with their mortgage but may lack the ability to qualify for traditional home refinancing due to

Sometimes it takes muscle to stop Foreclosure

The banks have little interest in loan modifications – unless they're pushed by a foreclosure attorney

Even in circumstances where honest and hard-working homeowners who are down on their luck have contacted their lenders in good faith, they've been put off repeatedly. Attempts to

What is 'Robo-Signing'?

Understanding robo-signing is key to avoiding a foreclosure crisis

The term robo-signing came about as a result of the foreclosure crisis - as many homeowners lost their jobs and were unable to make the payments on their homes - banks discovered the process of reviewing the mortgage and

How the Department of Justice Program Helps Homeowners

The new and improved HAMP 2 is likely the best HAMP yet!

Many homeowners may be struggling to make their monthly mortgage payments because they have a second lien on their homes. As home values have dropped, those homeowners have watched the value

Navigating the government mortgage relief programs

Don't give up without a fight and don't go in without adequate representation

Thanks to a lot of shady legal dealings and back-room deals mixed with a terrible economy and a housing market meltdown, many homeowners are underwater on their mortgages and facing foreclosure. In

Falling behind on your Mortagage

Know your foreclosure rights and seek foreclosure counseling to save your home

Many homeowners experience life-changing events - job loss, divorce, disability, illness, the death of a spouse, etc. Any or more of these can cause them to fall behind in their mortgage payments, and there's

What is Predatory Lending?

Ask a Foreclosure Specialist…

The term predatory lending refers to coercive or manipulative lending practices that ultimately benefit the lender and not the homeowner. Predatory lending practices range from coercing the borrower to refinance, hiding the total fee structure or applying excessive fees to the loan, adding

What is Mortgage Fraud?

Understanding mortgage foreclosure law and avoiding a foreclosure crisis

The term mortgage fraud has been thrown about in the media a lot in the past few years, but the term itself is misleading. There is no actual crime in U.S. code of law that defines mortgage fraud.