Magda S. and Krishna L. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review from Chicago, IL)- On behalf of my son and myself, I wanted to thank your team for the excellent legal service from your firm to save our condo from foreclosure by obtaining a loan restructure. After two denials from the bank, we decided to hire attorneys to handle the litigation.

From the remarkable Melissa who at the last minute walked my son via telephone through an out-of-state court appearance to Trevor Knight who handled financial negotiations, I felt we had found that illusive answer to our mortgage problem.

The road was not easy, the paperwork daunting and the outcome unknown. We chose Litvin because of Melissa and the retainer that I was able to afford.

Through the whole experience, with the myriad of issues that needed to be handled and resolved, myself, my son, and the intrepid paralegal, Angela, plowed through.

Despite all the TV and Internet commercials that professed help and all the programs available to property owners after the financial crises, it was Litvin Law Firm that saved our condo from foreclosure.

Some of your team I did not know but through the process, the message from each one at the firm was “stay positive, it will work out and we are here for you.” When nerves kicked in Melissa, Trevor, Angela, Jessica, and Alex calmed me down.

A television commercial by your firm gave me a number to call. If one is looking for experts, I would highly recommend Litvin Law Firm, a most certainly “different kind of Law Firm.”

Alyssa S. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review from Newton, CT)- Natasha Faublas has worked with me for over a year trying to get the restructured mortgage with IndyMac bank. She has shown herself to be extremely patient, very persistent, and helpful in every way. With her help, our restructure happened, slowly at first and then with an increased pace until it came to completion several days ago. The attempt began very slowly, taking close to three years, however, when Natasha took over as our paralegal, she was in touch with me once a week, if not more to keep us appraised of what was going on with the bank. When we were notified of a short sale, Lavern Hall, the underwriter, stepped in and helped Natasha to get our loan modification completed and approved within a week.

Natasha’s patience and perseverance has been the confidence and stability that we needed to get through this difficult time, and I would trust her at any time with my business. She rarely gets flustered, even when paperwork is missing, she is confident, allowing her confidence to help soothe her clients, she genuine, never telling us anything but the absolute truth, and allows her clients to feel confident in her own knowledge and ability to get things done.

When Natasha and Lavern worked together in the last 2 weeks, the restructure of our mortgage happened so quickly, it was hard to believe that it was actually done and approved of by the bank. Thank you so much!

Jean P. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Toccoa, GA)- “My husband had a heart attack in 2007, and as anyone would know, something like that can put a financial bind on any home. Since our home was up for re-modification, in order to catch our finances up we called our bank and asked to skip a payment. We were given permission to skip 2. With absolutely no knowledge of what we were doing at the time, we skipped the two payments and then after the two months the calls started coming in. We tried to catch up but anyone knows that when you get behind you can’t.
Then I got a call from Litvin Law Firm. A man named Luis explained everything to us and I told him how it was our fault. He said that they could still help us. A Prayer answered.
Then a year ago, my husband passed away. I told Litvin that my income had reduced because of his death and they picked up the pieces and went to work even harder to help me. I could not believe what this firm was doing for me. They never treated me like I was just someone that they were getting money off of. They were really amazing. They got my interest from 8.7 to 4.7, and with my credit, that is fabulous. Especially as far behind as I was in my payments. Every time that I had a concern, all I had to do was pick up the phone, or email them, and most of the time, with the email within minutes I would get an answer back. They kept everything on the positive and saw to it that I always got back a positive answer so that I could keep on fighting. They were right at my side. The whole way. They also got like $71,000 dollars off of my mortgage in interest and late payments. That was really a relief. They saw to it that I felt so secure in their law firm. I just pray that this testimonial will encourage anyone out there that is going through what I did, will hire Litvin Law firm to handle their re-modification. I very strongly recommend Litvin Law Firm and I give a special Thanks to each and every one of them that was involved in my case. Thank You Litvin Law Firm.”

Ralph B. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Painsville, OH)- “I had a financial hardship and got behind on my home payments then got with Litvin Law Firm and William Tan was my contact person. He was great and he stayed on top of my case and he let me know when something was going on. My house was sold at a Sheriff’s Auction and he worked with City Financial and got the sale rescinded. He saved my house for me and he also got my loan re-modified for me and I thank him very much. I would recommend Litvin Law Firm to anyone who needs help with their home.”

Nick and Gayle S. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Oxford, CT)- “My wife and I would like to thank you for all your hard work on our mortgage. We were just qualified for 3 month trial and could not be happier.
Although it’s been a very long haul we are grateful it’s almost complete. We have to tell you are that we have been working with Natasha Faublas and it’s been our pleasure. She is definately on top of her game. She answered all our questions promptly and clearly. We both own our own businesses, and we know it’s a blessing when you have an employee like Natasha she truly cares about her clients and understands the pressure they are under during the modification process. She made us feel at ease when we needed it the most.
We know all her clients a very lucky to be dealing with her, well thanks again and hope after our three months are up, we will be given a permanent modification. This is truly life changing for us.”

Ed C. and Nancy B. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Stow, MA)- “We want to thank you and all your staff for helping us to stay in our home.  We are grateful for everyone at Litvin that made that happen and wanted to let you know.
We also wanted to mention that Adam Waknine seemed to be a cut above the rest that were helping or had helped.
He always kept us abreast of what was happening with the process, was very easy to communicate with and we found him to be thorough and diligent.  We ordinarily would not single out just one person because we understand it was a team effort, but in our particular case, especially in the early stages, the communications to be frank were not so great.
After the change over from having an account manager from the middle man company and we were just dealing with Litvin we noticed steady improvement. And then Adam seemed to take over and we started to feel confidence and relief. Kudos’ to you all.”

Cynthia T. (Foreclosure Defense Client in Bloomfield, NJ)- “My mortgage was with Bank of America and it was around $4000 a month with two separate loans 1st and 2nd mortgage. For years I tried to restructure my loan through other bank and got turn down. I even tried BOA and other programs and was told that they cannot help me. Today, I can truly say Litvin Law Firm help me to restructure my mortgage and I am paying half or what I used to pay. Also, I only have one mortgage payment instead of two payments per month. I would recommend anyone to this law firm they are the best. Personally I would have lost my home if it was not for this law firm.”

Claude P. (Foreclosure Defense Client in Hope Mills, NC)- “Litvin Law Firm has helped us more than any other law firm or anyone who claimed that they could help us save our home. We finally seen some results from the money that we struggled to come up with to pay them. Litvin also told us if we had any problems after we make the 3 payments to Bank Of America on time to call them back. After we made the 3 payments on time they are trying to decline the lower our payments again. This time because we paid .30 over the payment amount isn’t this some bullshit. Nevertheless I called Litvin back & they are on the case again letting us know that they will not let this happen over paying them .30 over the amount when the paperwork said don’t pay under the amount. I just want to thank this law firm for everything that they have done so far & for stepping up on doing more when needed instead of dropping us like the last law firm did.”

Kniecaj C. (Foreclosure Defense Client from Mastic Beach, NY)- “Litvin Torrens and Associates have been extremely helpful to my family and me. They have helped me with what I thought was impossible. The whole staff that helped me were very friendly and understanding. I am truly thankful.”

Frank & Cindy M. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Highland, CA) – “We had attempted to modify our mortgage with Bank of America and after three (3) attempts and three (3) denials, we decided that we needed a professional. After our mortgage audit, your firm was recommended to us. After reviewing what services your firm would provide and the affordable fee schedule, we decided to contract with Litvin Law. At first the long list of documents required seemed to be the same ones that Bank of America required of us. However, your firm did not “lose” or “misplace” these documents nor took so long to review them that they needed to be sent again as Bank of America did. Your firm has kept in constant communication with us and would return phone calls when we had any questions about the status of our case. We’ve not had to deal with Bank of America since your firm was representing us. In your negotiations with Bank of America, it appears that the “fruits” of your hard work have finally paid off. Bank of America has placed us in a Trial Period Program for three (3) months to end in November 2012. After this final modified payment has been made, we are to be placed in a permanent modified mortgage (pending your firm’s review of the final terms) that will drastically reduce our mortgage payments. We will be able to afford our house payments, remain in our house and include our taxes and insurance in the house payment (they were supposed to be included in the original mortgage). We are also very grateful to Litvin Law who waived their monthly fee while we were in the Trail Period Program. We also have a second mortgage which Litvin Law will start working on as soon as they approve the final Bank of America mortgage program. Again, thank you for your assistance and professionalism in handling this matter. The big banks know that they can wear you out with their attorneys, procedures and money. We all need to turn to someone when the matter is too big for us. For us it was turning to God and then professionals who know how to handle the big banks.”

Lois A. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review from Russells Point, OH)- “Patient, pleasant and understanding. Respectful – I have a problem; they are helping me, not ridiculing me as I have had elsewhere.”

Carol and Greg B. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Colorado Springs, CO) – “Dear Litvin Law, We are both so thankful for your helping us get a rewritten loan with our mortgage company. We worked with you for several months over the past year. We felt very scared at times, after all a home is an emotional place. You were kind and able to encourage us to continue on. Everyone in your firm was considerate and patient with us as we worked through mounds of paperwork, documents, signatures, dates, statements and letters. Thank you again for all of your kind help and understanding through this difficult time in our lives.”

Gregory B. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Collinsville, IL) – “I am very happy with the service I have received from Litvin Law Firm. They are punctual when returning phone calls with answers to any questions which I have inquired about.”

Kiecia G. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Wesley Chapel, FL) – “On behalf of my husband and I…Though we have withdrawn from counsel with Litvin & Torrens I wanted to say that working with you was wonderful! You are informative, you are strong yet gentle, you explain so we as the client understand especially during a time of uncertainty… you brought clarity with wonderful client service. I truly hope that your law office appreciates your tenacity, veracity, your talent, energy and passion to help and serve. Thank you for taking our case with great collaboration and strength of energy when we felt like we were left hanging from the very beginning because of all of the transitions in your law firm; it seemed to be a season of constant turn-arounds of paralegals and attorneys. Thank you for infusing the feeling of security in every conversation, whether you were aware or not it helped so much; you never gave advice but explained what was needed and why and that helps any client moving through uncertain times especially when it comes to their home. You are a gem Mary Joe and we want you to know that we appreciate you and have appreciated you as we worked together.
Please continue to do what you do with all of your heart, it’s affected and a gift every law firm needs. I would love to forward our sentiments to the powers that be at the law firm so please forward their email addresses to me because they should know! God Bless You!”

Lori B. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Surprise, AZ) – “I want to tell you about my paralegal Christopher, The first time he called me I was extremely upset at the services I was receiving from this law firm. I was ranting and raving for over 25 minutes telling him how upset I was with the services I was receiving and telling him how I felt it, Christopher calmly listened to everything I had to say. And assured me he was going to care of me and my case, he said to me and this means a lot to me, not to worry about this case he’s on it he will take care of me, he wants me to rest easy at night because when I rest easy he rests easy. I will say he is a man of his word, ever since that day every time I call the picks up, if he’s not in the office he calls me back as soon as he gets in. When I’m upset he calms me down, when I lost my job and I was crying he was there to listen to me. And assured me we were going to get through this. Christopher is a huge asset to your law firm. he makes his clients feel like they’re not a file but that they are people and how they feel matters to him and he will do whatever you can to help. I personally want to thank Christopher for being there whenever I need him. Nobody deserves to win more than Christopher I mean that from my heart. Thank you Christopher MY paralegal and my FRIEND, from your client and your FRIEND.”

Latasha W. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Tyler, TX) -“I am so thankful and relieved, we can’t THANK you enough for all you’ve done for us!!! I truly appreciate you for EVERYTHING!!!! GOD is so GOOD even when we are not; I thank him for ANGELS like you!!! It’s not always about money, you’ve proved that to my family & compassion does still exist!!!! GOD says you will know those who are his by their FRUIT!!! You have exhibited your fruit before my family and that is the GREATEST gift we could have EVER received!! May GOD have favor upon your life, & bless you in ABUNDANCE for your dedication. I have your address, be looking for a TOKEN of our appreciation!!!! Coming soon!!! Thanks again, again, and again!! You are awesome and deserve goodness, mercy, and much love!!!”

James R. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Bulverde, TX)- “We would like to send a short note to express our appreciation for the excellent work you did on both our 1st and 2nd mortgages. We would highly recommend The Litvin Law Firm to anyone for their mortgage needs.”

Natasha F. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Brooklyn, NY)- “My husband and I had a great experience with Litvin Law Firm. We are living proof of a success story…The team at Litvin Law firm made sure our questions were answered and kept in touch with updated calls. The firm was able to get a settlement on our second loan and a trial payment on our first loan. When I needed a job, Litvin Law took me in, now I’m able to contribute with our payments. When dealing with clients, I use my experience to put them at ease, being in the same shoes helps you relate. I have recommended my friends and will continue to do so because we’re finally happy.”

Stephen F. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Littleton, CO) – “Please be advised that I am extremely satisfied with the work and effort of my mortgage modification case. The staff has been attentive and on top of the case at all times. I sincerely hope things will work out to a satisfactory conclusion.”

John C. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Columbia, PA) – “I appreciate that I’m treated with respect and honesty.”

Brett W. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Del Valle, TX) – “ I was very pleased with the service I received from Litvin Law Firm regarding my recent foreclosure nightmare. Due to a divorce and loss of job I found myself in dire straits and struggling to pay the mortgage. I tried to negotiate directly with the Mortgage Company but was allowed to speak with Customer Service Reps and Supervisor. The Mortgage Company Personnel were ALL very professional but they did not have decision making authority. I contacted another firm before Litvin and again the results were disastrous…Litvin Law was able to save my Home from a pending sale date. They were also able to negotiate a Forbearance Plan w/ permanent modification which will allow me to get bills caught up while looking for full time work. I honestly believe that if not for Litvin I would be like hundreds of thousands of financially strapped homeowners: HOMELESS. Thank you Litvin. Your Staff was very courteous, professional and kept me informed. That you were able to get a deal done in about a month is phenomenal. Keep up the good work. More homeowners struggling to stay in their homes would definitely benefit from your dedicated professionalism. Again. Thank You.”

Dale D. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Marrero, LA) – “I would like to thank God and the team Litvin Law firm for helping save my home. The staff works with my bank very well. If you need help I would recommend that you call them. Again thank you and god bless each one on that team.”

Chris T. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Raeford, NC) – “Litvin Law Firm is great, because they give you hope when you aren’t sure there isn’t any. I’ve put my trust in Litvin, because that’s the only way to go!”

Bob A. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Douglasville, GA) – “After suffering a loss of my job and a very difficult time securing another one, my wife and I were in jeopardy of losing our home because we were stuck in a mortgage that had high interest, high payments and a prepayment penalty that would not even let us shop for a better rate. In addition to that the value of our home dropped on the market so it was impossible to sell it. We tried to apply for a loan modification under the new laws that were recently passed but the bank wouldn’t consider us. They led us on by making us fill our form after form and asking for the same stuff every week. We tried to use the free legal clinic based in our county seat who were helpful but were not able to accomplish anything at all. We then hired a lawyer locally who only wanted us to short-sale our home and take a semi-bankruptcy charge. We finally found the Litvin Law firm. They have been excellent in negotiating with our lender. First they got them to stop harassing us every day through threatening phone calls and letters. Then they got our house appraised at the current market value then pressed the bank to adjust our loan to fit the value. We are now in a “trial period” of three months at the end of which we should have a new contract at about half the amount we now owe and payments that will include our tax and insurance and still much lower than before. It has been a real pleasure working with Litvin.”

Thomas H. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Jamesville, NC) – “I would like to commend Litvin Law Firm for their honesty, integrity and the ability to make a client know that their best interest is really important. They are honest, understanding and loyal. They are also thoughtful and very thorough. They make me feel very comfortable.”

Lazaro B. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Renton, WA) – “I want to thank Litvin Law for the great service they provided me. Every time I call them for any question they are always there. I’m very happy, they always keep in touch to let me know what’s going on. I really recommend. Thumbs up guys.”

Ann W. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Castlerock, CO) – “I engaged Litvin’s services … in April 2011. We had gone through major medical issues and several bouts of unemployment. Prior to working with Litvin, I had tried unsuccessfully for two years to get a loan modification with Bank of America. It took Litvin’s intervention to stave off the sale of our home. We didn’t get a restructuring, but BOA lowered the interest rate and stretched out the term of the loan.”

Noel S. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From East Stroudsburg, PA)- “My wife and I want to personally thank the Litvin Law Firm P.C.; their personnel and affiliates for an “excellent job well done”! Notably we wanted to thank Lavern Hall for her diligent work on our case. The last two years has been very stressful and scary, but knowing that our case was in good hands gave us a sense of hope. We cannot express to you the feeling of relief we felt when we were finally approved for a mortgage modification from Bank of America from a rate of 6.50% to a new low rate of 2.00%. This would not have happened without your help. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Lazarus B. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Stevensville, MI) – “I have been trying for over two years to get into the loan modification program to no avail. Finally, I was put in touch with Litvin Law Firm. About five months later, I received the invitation to enter the loan modification program. I am on a three months Trial Period modified mortgage payment program, if am successful, which I will be, I will receive a substantial principle reduction which should also bring a reduction on the interest rate. Thank you Litvin Law Firm.”

Carl P. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Rosman, NC) – “Adam and his team were very good in handling my case. The times that I called them they were always given me all the details in how things were going. They were always willing to answer any of my questions that I had. In a nut shell they were great.”

Dana W. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Greensboro, NC)- “I am thus far pleased with the work my attorneys have done for me in attempting to settle my mortgage problem. I expect that they will handle everything appropriately; and am grateful for their assistance.”

Terry H. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Raleigh, NC)- “We do appreciate the hard work that is put in saving of people homes from the Litvin Law Firm. We hope that people will read this and have faith to believe in this firm. We say thanks to everyone.”

Christina R. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Vancouver, WA) – “I feel Litvin Law Firm … has had great communication with me so far. It’s been very hard to answer the calls when I’m busy working but when I find time I always call back and that’s when I have a hard time getting through to the person who left the message. But I have to say when I do return the call someone talks to me about what’s needed. I feel it’s important to have the best communication through this process.”

Jon C. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Tucson, AZ) – “Litvin helped in obtaining a settlement with BofA. BofA then placed us back into foreclosure and we have contacted BofA again and have started workout solution. There hasn’t been a complete resolution as of yet. Litvin was always available and helped along the way stopping foreclosure and finally obtaining a settlement which BofA has rebuffed and now has agreed to the paperwork hasn’t been sent and details aren’t known as of yet. If I need help again Litvin will receive a call.”

Angel M. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Jersey City, NJ) – “You guys did an excellent job constantly keeping posted of any updates or just documents you needed right away while the process was taking place. You did not leave anything go under the door mat. Overall, you get a perfect ‘10’ ”

Mark D. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Moyock, NC) – “I wanted to thank all of you for bearing with me during the loss of my father… I was ecstatic to hear the news that Wells Fargo was giving me a three month trial on a modification. After a bad week it was good to have some good news. I appreciate everything you girls have done for me. I look forward to getting things going. Thank you so very much.”

Michael S. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Brigantine, NJ) – “We were extremely satisfied with your service, right from the start. We had plenty of communications and updates from your company which gave us both a feeling of confidence and peace of mind knowing that finally someone was looking out for our best interest. It was indeed a great pleasure working with all of your staff and we thank you ALL very much for all that you did.”

Sidney M. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Bennettsville, SC) – “I would just like to say in short that I was worried in the beginning having no prior knowledge of Litvin Law Firm, but I can truthfully say I was very impressed with the speedy resolution to this unpleasant situation. Litvin’s handling of this matter was very professional and required minimal input from our end and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone in a similar situation as we were. Best wishes to all.”

Lesia G. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Oxford, NC) – “I have been with Litvin Law Firm since May of this year. I have been very satisfied with the progress they have made. I am kept up to date on a regular basis and they explain the results of each report as well as sending me a copy of the report. They do not seem to mind my questions as I know I may ask the same question often. I feel at ease with Litvin handling the situation with my mortgage company. Thanks for your help.”

Sylvia P. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Raleigh, NC) – “Words cannot express how pleased I am with the outcome of my loan re-modification. Everyone was so polite when I called and returned calls quickly when a message was left. I was so scared about the whole procedure and really didn’t know what to expect. I was reassured that everything would be worked out and to “THINK POSITIVE”. I am so glad that ya’ll didn’t let NationStar take the upper hand in this. Litvin REALLY worked for me, AND I GOT TO KEEP MY HOUSE!!! As I told Chris Bogle before, “Ya’ll are gonna’ mess around and give lawyers a good name.” I think you have done that at Litvin Law. Adam Waknine, Chris Bogle and the Greensboro office with Larry D”Amelio and Melinda Kimble really deserve a big raise for just for putting up with me. I hope Litvin Law is very proud of them because I am.”

Pawel K. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Starling, NC)- “My experience with Litvin Law firm was positive. They’re always friendly and they call me with updates regarding the house. They also answer any question in friendly manner never rude or harsh. I have nothing bad to say about this firm. So far I’ve had extremely good results with Litvin Law firm and I hope that they remain positive in the future. I appreciate everything that they’re doing for me regarding my case.”

Helen E. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Binghamton, NY) – “You firm was fantastic and is fantastic – that were attentive to all my needs and helpful during and even now after the process. I am very impressed with your staff and the kindness that they showed through a very trying time – they helped to save my home during a very dark period in my life after losing my father last year.”

Ron E. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Dallas, GA)- “The Litvin Law Firm had helped us from losing our house. At first I tried to deal with the mortgage company myself but got nowhere. Litvin Law Firm did everything in their power of the law to save my family’s home. When all the paper work was done and emailing, phone calls finished our house payment is so low why move now. Thanks to the firm in NY and help…we still have our HOME.”

Virgil D. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Lafayette, LA)- “Very Satisfied – Saved our house.”

Antoinette M. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Staten Island, NY)- “I am very satisfied so far because you didn’t abandon me, when everyone else did. The firm has been very kind and supportive and professional. They care for their clients and I am appreciative.”

Michael F. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Fayetteville, NC) – “Litvin Law has truly been a blessing to me and my family! I was in a bad place in my financial life; due to things that happened in the past – the economy – and mortgage company’s devilish business practices I was about to lose everything I have worked so hard for. Litvin Law Firm worked it out and saved the day! Thanks for all your hard work.”

Ron L. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Woodmere, NY)- “I would like to thank Izen for all of her hard work and dedication to help me stay in my house. Over the last year that I’ve been dealing with her I know that she is clearly concerned and always made me feel better about my situation. Words cannot express my gratitude to Izen and The Litvin Law Firm.”

John C. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Ridley Park, LA)- “I am very pleased with everything. I feel they represented me in a professional manner, were informed all through and satisfied.”

Owen B. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Fair Lawn, NJ)- “Working with Litvin Torrens is the best thing that ever happened to me. They saved my home from mortgage fraud. I really recommended anyone that has mortgage problems to Litvin Torrens.”

Robert S. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Bakersfield, CA)- “The lawyer I spoke to was very polite and explained everything to me so I understood the process and always ask my opinion.”

Pedro S. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Aurora, CO)- “I am ok with Litvin Law Firm. I know they’re working hard on my case. I feel good when I have people like Litvin Law Firm. Thank you for all your support.”

Beverly S. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Cassatt, SC)- “ It was very impressive getting a response about my loan modification as quickly as I did. Litvin Law Firm P.C. … was the smartest move that I could have made… A great deal of stress has been lifted. Thanks for everything you have done and are still doing.”

Lawrence D. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Franklin Park, PA)- “I have been very pleased with the Litvin Law Firm’s quality of service. They have been very helpful and honest with me and my situation. I greatly appreciate this as you can never be certain when you first enter these types of relationships. Thank you, I highly recommend Litvin…”

John C. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From North Billerica, MA) – “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the good work you have done in helping me with my loan modification. I was always kept informed of the progress you are making and for this I am really thankful and send my appreciation.”

William M. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Hamilton, OH)- “I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you and the wonderful staff at Litvin for the tireless and thorough effort that was put into helping my wife and I with our mortgage…we are very satisfied with our outcome and would highly recommend your law firm to others in our previous situation. Again, you have our gratitude and appreciation.”

Andrea D. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Columbus, OH)- “I was very happy with the service at Litvin. Although, I was not with the firm for more than 30 days…somehow the bank ended up offering a modification and I was advised to take the offer by your firm. They did look over the paperwork to assure that things were in order but that is about as far as the service went.”

Rose & Green M. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Lynwood, IL)- “My husband and I just received a home loan modification (trial) and a reduced mortgage amount due to the fact our loan was under water. The law firm that helped us was Litvin Law Firm of New York. Their performance was exceptional and very professional…I know without their calls to me and constant work with the officials of BAC, it would have been a difficult procedure. Thank you, thank you for everything. Keep on doing great things for mankind.”

Jesus G. (Foreclosure Defense Client Review From Tobyhanna, PA)- “I would to thank Litvin Law Firm for all their help with my foreclosure, they got me a pretrial home modification with my bank, eventually it will become permanent, the staff were great they returned all phones calls and emails thru the whole process.”