The Litvin Difference


Who said that a high quality foreclosure defense attorney had to cost a fortune? Litvin Law Firm understands that if you could afford to pay high attorney fees then you could probably afford to pay your mortgage. That is why they have created a fee structure and foreclosure defense program that is affordable to you; the everyday American consumer who has been financially burdened by today’s troubled economy.

Pay as You Go

With the Litvin Law firms’ foreclosure defense programs, clients never pay the high upfront retainer fees charged by most law firms. Instead, Litvin has formulated a monthly retainer fee structure that allows clients to pay as they go. This means that you stay in your home while Litvin Law formulates a strategy, fights your case, and resolves your mortgage crisis all for an affordable low monthly retainer fee.

Available When You Need Us

When a process server knocks on your door to present you with foreclosure papers it is scary, confusing and highly emotional for your whole family. You will have a lot of questions and you will want immediate answers. Litvin Law Firm really cares about helping you and has professional foreclosure paralegals available to answer your questions from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Monday – Friday and 10:00 – 2:00 on Saturday.

24 Hour online Access

Litvin Law Firm has developed and implemented a one-of-a-kind software program allowing clients 24 hour access to their client file. This includes all attorney and paralegal notes which means 100% transparency to our clients. No law firm has better technology for client information sharing. Litvin Law Firm is different indeed!

Personal Customer Service

Law firms and attorneys are not usually known for providing great customer service. In fact; people say that when they try to reach their attorney on the phone or get understandable updates regarding their case it is almost impossible to locate their attorney or have them return a phone call. The foreclosure team professionals at Litvin Law understand this and that is why you will work with the same paralegal and legal team throughout the process. They understand your confusion with the foreclosure process and are proactive about keeping clients informed at all times. They will contact you on a regular and consistent basis and are always available to take your call if you have questions. Personalized world-class customer service is just another way that Litvin law Firm is a different kind of law firm.

Focused on Foreclosure

The Litvin Law Firm has foreclosure attorneys in 31 US states and is focused on working with both judicial foreclosure and non-judicial foreclosure. Today, with all of the mistakes, electronic mortgage assignments, and potential fraud committed by most major lending institutions, the laws pertaining to foreclosure are constantly being challenged. Being focused on foreclosure defense allows the Litvin Law Firm foreclosure team members throughout the US remain up to the minute with the changing laws and the best foreclosure defenses to quickly resolve your case and save your home.